Self Defense? Pharmacist Kills Would-Be Teen Robber

OK, I know there is no sound to this clip, but we know from the interviews what happened. If you watch closely, toward the end of the video you’ll see the pharmacist walk back over to the robbery suspect that was previously shot at the beginning of the robbery and had fallen to the floor in the lower right side of the frame.

What he does next is fire into the suspect from that position. This with a second firearm retrieved from near the cash register, after stepping over/past the downed suspect twice!

What is your reaction to this pharmacist’s use of force? I have my opinions… what are yours?

Would you have reacted differently? Please share your thoughts with us by adding a comment below.

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6 Responses

  1. Well, without knowing what was said or if the guy on the floor was still a threat (doubtful), I can’t say for sure BUT, I don’t think I’d walk back over and put another round into him unless he was an obvious threat or threatened to kill my family or something. Once he was down, I’d leave it at that. Now if I shot him 3 times on the way to the floor while he was a threat, that’d be acceptable, but going back for more, probably not.

  2. This is clearly a case of where the robber was no longer an iminate threat and that is all that castle law protects.

    However there was a case a year or two ago where a group of teenagers grabed a man’s wife and the man knocked two of them out. The teens pressed charges and in the process found out where the man lived. Later that week “someone” showed up to the mans house and fired over 100 rounds through a window killing the man and his wife in thier living room.

    So if the kid seemed like he would live and told me he was gonna come for me or my family. I would prevent that forceable fellony as well and let the courts settle it later.

  3. No difference between the robber and the victim……….Robber is down…unless he is a threat hold your fire. Firing on a downed man is paramount to murder. Remember the differences between right and wrong. just my call……………..former cop eastcoat/westcoat

  4. I remember this case. When you are being robbed or a gun stuck in your face the adrenaline that runs thru your veins is different than if I were to be approached. As trained law enforcement I look at things a bit different and handle the stress better. Plus there is no way of knowing if he was reaching for a gun. The video shows nothing. THe word of the Pharmacist has to be taken into consideration. When the threat is no longer then the law states in FL you have to reduce your own threat level. We are innocent until proven guilty and in this case the level of force in reaction was proportioned with the threat.

  5. Should have cut the camera off first.

  6. very interesting,excellent subject,enjoyed every minute.i believe i would have handled it differently.i don’t have all of the evidence but ut seemed to be over and then the guy went back and shot him again.don’t get me wrong i am very pro gun but responsibility.