Host a Class with High Point Personal Security…Train for Free

Simply organize a class of at least 6 participants (including yourself) at our range or yours on any day we don’t already have a class scheduled. We are entirely mobile, if you have a safe place to train we’ll bring the class to you. Weekdays are available as well as the weekends.

Here’s the deal…, as the organizer you’ll train for FREE. Every 2 paying students over the 6 minimum will generate another FREE spot on the roster.

Example: 12 persons register – The host trains FREE for organizing the class. The other 11 students will pay to train, but we will only bill the class for 9.

That is a savings of $350 to distribute across all 11 paying students. Rather than $175 each, they pay only 143.18 each (We’ll even round that down to $140 per student for you.)

Contact us and we’ll show you how to train for free! 813.719.0091