Defensive Shotgun

Defensive Shotgun

BTAC SG – Shotgun Basic Training for the Armed Citizen

When the chips are down, many experts choose a shotgun for home defense or close quarters combat. Whether a purpose-built tactical scattergun or the bird gun you inherited, the versatile smoothbore can be an effective fight stopper when used properly by a well-trained individual.

Basic Training for the Armed Citizen – Shotgun (BTAC-SG) maximizes your potential with this most American of weapons. This fast-paced course will teach you the critical shooting and weapon manipulation skills needed for rapid reaction employment for the fighting smoothbore.

  • Equipment & Ammunition considerations
  • Ready Positions, Sling Work, Loading, Topping Off, Emergency Reloads
  • Buckshot Patterning, Slug Patterning, Precision Slug Placement
  • Unconventional CQC with the Shotgun, Transitions to Sidearm, SlugSelect Options
  • Precision use of Buckshot, Integration of Shot/Slug/Pistol
  • Integration of Sustained Fire and Movement

Students attending Basic Training for the Armed Citizen – Shotgun (BTAC – SG) should be familiar with the operation of their shotguns at the very least, and have the ability to train for an entire day without excessive fatigue. If you question whether you meet these criteria, please contact us.

Equipment required:

  • photo ID
  • dependable shotgun in 20gauge minimum
  • a full stock installed
  • (a pistol grip is acceptable AS PART OF the shotgun stock,
  • a pistol grip ALONE is not)
  • a sling on your shotgun
  • eye and hearing protection
  • a hat with a brim
  • a note pad and pen

Round Count:
-125 rounds birdshot #7 or smaller
-25 rounds buckshot
-10 rounds slug
Course Length: 8 hrs

Our upcoming Defensive Shotgun 1 classes are being offered at Vet’s Recreational Facility (click for directions).

Tuition: $175

Upcoming Defensive Shotgun 1 Classes

Defensive Shotgun 1

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