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DIY Tactical Tip- a stand for your warrior gear

DIY Tactical Tip- A Stand for your warrior gear   If you are looking for a way to keep your fighting gear off the ground, or just want a badass looking gear stand this article is for you.With just a few bucks and half an hour you can be the owner of something like this. [...]

A Tale of Two Guns… or Say Hello to my New Little Friend!

I intend for this to be an ongoing discussion, not an essay. I’ll get the ball rolling but hope you’ll add your thoughts and experiences after viewing the data I’m putting up. Ok, let’s start with plagiarism and add some sarcasm. It was the best some times, it was the worst some times… Any handgun [...]

Trauma Kits

the trauma kit By Craig Stolzman We talk about the survival priorities mindset, tactics, skill at arms, and equipment all the time. Lets apply the guidelines we have for equipment (readily available, reliable, and relatively suited for the task) to trauma kits. Let’s look at readily available first, I often shoot IDPA and as of [...]

Video Discussion: Home Burlgaries on Rise

The video below is of a woman watching her home being ransacked during the daytime via remote camera. After seeing that two men entered her home she called the police and they dispached 18 officers to clear the house (1:45 mark of the video). The most dangerous home invasions take place at night and when [...]

Video Discussion: In Store Shooting

I know this is an older video and there is no sound but I think it is worth discussing. By just focusing on what we can see in the video it appears that there is some type of altercation going on in a convenience store when a clerk uses a baseball bat to make an [...]

2010 Central Florida Tactical Conference

The first Central Florida Tactical Conference took place on October 3, 2009. It was a not a very large event with only around 25 participants who decided to come together for a day to learn, exchange ideas and have a good time. The idea for a semi annual Tactical Conference in Central Florida just kind [...]

High Point Personal Security Training hosts SouthNarc’s (PUC) Practical Unarmed Combat – ECQC 1 and ECQC 2 class

ECQC LA 08 from Initiative Deficit on Vimeo. Instructor Bio: “SouthNarc” is the on-line pseudonym for the assistant commander of a multi-agency drug unit, in the southern United States. SouthNarc is also the commander of his agency’s SWAT team. SouthNarc has been a full-time police officer since 1990 and has held line assignments in corrections, [...]

Self Defense? Pharmacist Kills Would-Be Teen Robber

OK, I know there is no sound to this clip, but we know from the interviews what happened. If you watch closely, toward the end of the video you’ll see the pharmacist walk back over to the robbery suspect that was previously shot at the beginning of the robbery and had fallen to the floor [...]