Jim Clark – Instructor and Director of Personal Security Training

Jim Clark - Director of Personal Security Training

Owner and Chief Instructor, High Point Personal Security Training, LLC. Former Lead Instructor for Options for Personal Security, Inc., USMC 76-83, and combat firearms competitor. Over the past 20 years Jim has trained with; Tactical Response, Shivworks (Southnarc), Halo Group, Jim Cirillo, Trident Concepts, Options for Personal Security, and a number of other groups and trainers across the United States, he regularly attends and presents material at training conferences nationwide. His company has continuously conducted scheduled classes and private instruction in the Central Florida area for the past ten years. In 2010 he launched a firearms adventure company, Florida Firearms Adventures.

In addition Jim previously held positions as a Business Security Consultant with Broadlink Security, Tampa, Fla. , the Contracts/Operations Manager of PCI Security, Orlando, Fl, and maintains his Florida “D” and “G” security licenses, taking periodic short term assignments.

Jim is Director of Training. As the director he leads the advisory group and instructor cadre in continued testing, development, and delivery of relevant, dependable solutions designed to enhance our clients personal security. He also facilitates all Comprehensive Security Analysis’ that are performed by High Point Personal Security Training.

Scott Peters – Assistant Instructor: Event Medical Coordinator

Scott Peters

Scott has many years of experience working in the ICU and ER. He has assisted in instructing paramedic and SOCOM medic students. Scott also has military experience as an infantryman in Korea’s DMZ, and in Operation Desert Storm, serving with the 101st ABN Div. He is a NRA certified handgun and rifle instructor, RSO, and Life Member. Scott is married and has two daughters, both NRA members as well.

Craig Stolzman – Lead Instructor – Carbine/Rifle Advisor

Craig Stolzman

Craig Stolzman joined the Florida Army National Guard in 2002 and is still currently serving as a unit armorer and firearms instructor. Since enlisting he has worked with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies providing security for hurricane Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. From 2005 to 2006 he was deployed to Afghanistan as a riflemen in a light Infantry company. In 2010 Craig deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi freedom and Operation New Dawn as a physical security specialist and firearms instructor. Craig continues his military and civilian training to provide current and field tested ways to operate your weapon.

Scott McKinnon Instructor – Close Contact Advisor

Scott McKinnon

Scott has a BS in Criminology from Florida State University, and has trained in Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do,and Modern Arnis. Scott is also a graduate of multiple (unarmed and armed) courses from: Cumberland Tactics, Options for Personal Security, Morrigan Consulting, and is a former adjunct instructor – Daimyo Martial Arts.

Mike Herring Instructor – Protective Services Advisor

Mike Herring

Avtac Inc.- License A2600361 ( Investigative and protective services in the general private sector, the charter consumer, legal field, charter operator, insurance and government (FAA/DOT/NTSB) among others. Mike has traveled overseas extensively, has trained with multiple instructors, and is a former Defensive Handgun Instructor for Options for Personal Security.